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NBA Reminding You Of NCAA Semis Right About Now?

On occasion March Madness leaves us with a Final Four that features one killer, gigantic, colossal tussle in one National Semifinal and one not-so-hot…almost a third-place game…in the other.  One game is a gourmet meal at the fanciest of restaurants and the other – equally as important – … Continue reading

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NFL Draft From An Entertaining Prospective

The first round of the 2011 NFL Draft was held last night at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.  Radio City, one of the finest entertainment venues we have. For me it was one of the hotter reality shows in recent … Continue reading

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Royal Wedding Of Players To Teams…Will Someone In A Robe Read Picks?

I can only imagine Roger Goodell’s secretary buzzing through to his desk repeatedly this morning…”Roger, another owner on the line…wants to talk about the legal thing.” E-mail inbox full.  Cell phone melted. Even I…knowing nothing about law…can tell this “legal thing” more and more favors … Continue reading

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Michael Vick, Peyton Hillis…The Madden Curse Could Continue

In a short while the name of the player to adorn the Madden NFL 12 video game cover will be announced (ESPN 2, 4 PM, SportsNation).  After over 10 million votes via ESPN, the finalists are down to Eagles QB … Continue reading

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Knock Knock…Who’s There?…NFL Players!

“Someone’s knockin’ at the door…somebody’s ringin’ the bell…someone’s knockin’ at the door…somebody’s ringin’ the bell…do me a favor…open the door…and let ‘em in” Courtesy of Paul McCartney & Wings…welcome to Tuesday before the NFL Draft where courts and lawyers have … Continue reading

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