Talladega Knights Johnson – NASCAR Provides A Classic For The Ages

No matter what your opinion of NASCAR, you need to set aside a few minutes and check out the checkered lap of today’s Talladega race…which provided one of the all-time finishes in Cup Racing history.

Sure, Jimmy Johnson won again.  But whether you’re a die-hard fan of another racer, plain sick of Johnson winning the Chase each and every season…or only watch Daytona 500’s …trust me, you’ll get a thrill out of seeing four wide at the finish line at one of the sport’s most iconic raceways.  Well, maybe it was 3 1/2 wide depending on whether you count the cars along the wall…

Nonetheless, the tandem racing this year’s event dictated came down to eight drivers in a desperate dash down the home stretch…the sport has rarely seen such a sight…saying a lot considering how long racers have been getting behind the wheels of stock cars.

.002 seconds never looked so close.  Kudos to NASCAR for putting on a classic.

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