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3 Ways You Know Sports Calendar On Backside Of July

3 ways you know the sports calendar now resides on the backside of July… 1. You have a heightened sense of awareness for things that have been in front of your face all year…and in other years as well..but they … Continue reading

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Cedric Benson Continues To Be A Motivational Expert

Cedric Benson was arrested on an assault charge over the weekend.  This is the second year in a row he has allegedly been involved in an assault of some type in his home state of Texas.  Last summer, it was interaction with … Continue reading

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Criticism Of U.S. Women’s Soccer On Mute?

Is criticism of the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team’s loss in the World Cup Final on mute?  If so, why? I offer a Twitter message from ESPN’s Ryen Russillo regarding the U.S. falling short to Japan. His tweet was, “It’s interesting … Continue reading

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Sportsattitudes Friday Rants – Lawyers, Puns And Money

Friday Rants is grateful this week for hearing the NFL is going to have a season this year.  Yes, I know the “on again, off again” reporting has been relentless and frustrating.  Funny how we all complained about the Brett … Continue reading

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Playing QB In Pros Not Quite The Collegiate Experience

Sometimes clarity comes when you least expect it. Watching ESPN’s College Football Live earlier in the week when former 49er great Steve Young was on…discussing the featured team of the day, his alma mater BYU. Steve was asked about the difference between … Continue reading

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