Al Davis Thought It Was A College Fantasy Draft

I picture him in his trademark sweatsuit, reclining in his office.

Oakland Raiders Owner Al Davis…thinking he is participating in a college fantasy football draft.

And…he must have thought Terrelle Pryor was still at Ohio State.

Because…the Raiders took Pryor in the third round of the NFL Supplemental Draft. 

The Raiders now lose a third round pick next year for doing so.

The Raiders now have no second, third or fourth round pick in next year’s Draft as a result of prior transactions, one involving less than stellar QB Jason Campbell.

Al Davis’ legacy marches on.

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2 Responses to Al Davis Thought It Was A College Fantasy Draft

  1. JW says:

    1) Given enough time, Davis would have tried to draft Richard Pryor.

    2) How much wait will Terrelle Pryor gain as a Raider (JaMarcus II???)

  2. I knew you’d come through with a classic line. Richard Pryor. Priceless. I almost wanted to include JaMarcus in the post but I didn’t have enough “room.”

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