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The Day I Almost Killed My Wife Playing Tennis

My wife and I have not played tennis since. The incident is referred to rarely, in hushed tones…simply as “The Drop Shot.” Several years ago, the Mrs. and I were playing tennis at least once a week.  Never in a … Continue reading

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College Football’s New Payoff…Uh…Playoff

You may have heard last weekend global timekeepers added an extra second to our atomic clocks.  The Earth apparently is spinning slower these days.  It takes it a full two milliseconds longer to rotate on its axis now than it did … Continue reading

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The Frighteningly Flummoxed Philadelphia Phillies

I went all negative on the Phillies in the off-season, warning about the intelligence of spending all their free agent money to shore up the closer position when they had one of the best starting rotations in baseball…while also knowing … Continue reading

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