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Winning Is Great…But Making Someone A Loser Is REALLY Great!

“What’s better than winning?  Doing it while someone else loses.” Just one fascinating thought within a solid article in the July 18th Newsweek, Why Winners Win At… by Nick Summers.  Regardless whether the battlefield is a tennis court…a boxing ring…or, um…even a battlefield, this … Continue reading

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Six Ways To Make It To Another Wedding Anniversary

Today is my wedding anniversary. Six ways we’ve made it almost three decades now: 1. See your partner through a big ol’ telescope, not a teeny, tiny microscope.  You have to look at the 50,000-foot view and not micro-manage or escalate incidents or disagreements.  Most definitely, … Continue reading

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You CAN Go Home Again

I was blogging daily for about nine months or so a couple of years back before mistakenly thinking I could survive in a “Dilbert” environment for compensation purposes.  In a few more days, all that will change (details to follow) and … Continue reading

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Hello (Again) World!

Well…WordPress did not exactly default to the most accurate title on Post Numero Uno here since this is a “return trip” for the Author of this site.  Originally appearing as sportsattitude back in the day (geez, it was only a couple of years … Continue reading

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