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Whatcha Listening To These Days?

I think we’re at least periodically supposed to reveal and share personal things about ourselves in these blogs we craft, right?  Lighten up on the subject matter once in a while and slightly peel back the onion that…is…us. After being … Continue reading

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Criticism Of U.S. Women’s Soccer On Mute?

Is criticism of the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team’s loss in the World Cup Final on mute?  If so, why? I offer a Twitter message from ESPN’s Ryen Russillo regarding the U.S. falling short to Japan. His tweet was, “It’s interesting … Continue reading

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NCAA Cheaters…Let’s Be Smart Out There People

I have posted before I don’t think much of collegiate athletic “scandals.”  I watch college sports for the competition.  If someone’s title or performance is in question then… or “vacated” thereafter (I “love” that concept)…I could care less.  If I work at a … Continue reading

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Sports Journalism AKA Anonymous Quote Career

Albert Pujols’ unfortunate run-in with Wilson Betemit on the first-base line over the weekend, resulting in Pujols being out until sometime in August, has been the hot topic over the last day or so not only because of the immediate fortunes of his St. Louis … Continue reading

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Dear Los Angeles Lakers, Thank You. Signed, Sports Reporters Everywhere

I was determined to not type one more character about that other team in LA this NBA season because I felt the media spent way too much time talking about them and only them during the first two rounds of the Playoffs…most definitely at the expense … Continue reading

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