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My Belated Valentine To Bobby Valentine

I have spent the better part of a week commenting on other blogs about the opening days of the Bobby Valentine era as Manager of the Boston Red Sox. I figured I better take a few moments to offer thoughts on MY site. He was … Continue reading

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Sportsattitudes Mailbox – 11/16/11 Edition

The fictional mail box is full once again…time to respond to more questions I put there… Q. Big news in your neck of the woods with the signing of Jonathan Papelbon, huh?  What are your thoughts about the Phillies signing … Continue reading

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Red Sox Fans…It Didn’t Have To Be This Way

Bad decisions…bad relationships…they don’t have to be made worse when exiting them.  Staying classy is not that hard to accomplish. Person doesn’t work out after they’re hired…you calmly advise their services are no longer required and wish them well. Begin … Continue reading

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Red Sox Fans – Sportsattitudes Salutes You In Your Time Of Need

Some of my most loyal readers are Red Sox fans. Then again, the word “fans” is so inadequate.  These people, like many here in Philadelphia, take an almost daily roller-coaster ride as their beloved baseball team plays 162 times.  Pushing themselves to … Continue reading

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Red Sox-Phillies…’Nuff Said

The visitors…Boston Red Sox…45-32.  The home team…Philadelphia Phillies…49-30. Headlines in the Philadelphia papers today included…“The Boys Of October?”/”World Series Preview”/”Phils-Red Sox: Baseball’s Best” The Philadelphia Daily News’ Ed Barkowitz even has a “Tale of the Tape” preview…who he feels has the … Continue reading

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