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Plan To Save Football: Remove Helmets…Grow Antlers

If you have been a follower of this site you know I could care less what any pro athlete is “using” to entertain us.  It is their decision, their business, their bodies, their lives. They are entertainers and being paid good money to … Continue reading

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Alabama 42, Notre Dame 14 – BCS…Best Coach Saban

Three titles in four years.  Yup, Nick Saban is getting pretty good at this whole college coaching thing. Assembles the very best talent.  Hires the very best assistants.  Maintains maximum intensity 24/7, 365. The highlight of the game for me was Bama QB … Continue reading

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College Football’s New Payoff…Uh…Playoff

You may have heard last weekend global timekeepers added an extra second to our atomic clocks.  The Earth apparently is spinning slower these days.  It takes it a full two milliseconds longer to rotate on its axis now than it did … Continue reading

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Sportsattitudes Mailbox – Chase Utley As Knee Whisperer, Frank Martin As Aspiring Banker…And Tim Tebow As Sanchez’s BFF

It is time once again to sort through the overwhelming volume of non-existent email questions to provide you, dear reader, with all the answers to all those queries you haven’t even made… Q. I have been hearing a lot about the Phillies lately and … Continue reading

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March Madness Momentum – Teams Up, Teams Down

Joe Lunardi’s Bracketology is one of my favorite things to follow during the college hoop campaign. Born and raised in the Philly area and a Marketing Communications employee at St. Joe’s, Lunardi’s annual predictions of what the NCAA Basketball Committee will put forth come Selection … Continue reading

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