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The Day I Almost Killed My Wife Playing Tennis

My wife and I have not played tennis since. The incident is referred to rarely, in hushed tones…simply as “The Drop Shot.” Several years ago, the Mrs. and I were playing tennis at least once a week.  Never in a … Continue reading

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NFL Player Safety – Current Concussion Comments Crave Comment

“You want to know the real reason Roger Goodell came down so hard on the Saints  for Bountygate? Take a walk down to the federal courthouse in Philly and peruse the lawsuits filed by more than 400 ex-players charging the league … Continue reading

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Winning Is Great…But Making Someone A Loser Is REALLY Great!

“What’s better than winning?  Doing it while someone else loses.” Just one fascinating thought within a solid article in the July 18th Newsweek, Why Winners Win At… by Nick Summers.  Regardless whether the battlefield is a tennis court…a boxing ring…or, um…even a battlefield, this … Continue reading

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Brandon Marshall And Concussion Baseline Testing

There are times a writer sits down to write one post and another idea comes roaring across the front pages of our consciousness…whether we get it from the Internet, TV, Radio, Newspaper, etc. This is one of those times. Writing today started out … Continue reading

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