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Kobe Beef Part II – One Marriage Ending, One Just Getting Started

When we last left Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant…the focus was on the recent developments of Lamar Odom leaving the L.A. roster and Chris Paul joining the L.A. roster…just not the roster Bryant happens to be on. As if that wasn’t … Continue reading

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Kobe Beef – Upset Lamar Odom In Dallas…Upset Chris Paul Down The Hall?

Kobe Bryant may have a beef.  Or two. He’s saying all the right things now about moving on after his L.A. Lakers not only did not successfully trade for Chris Paul but voluntarily sent Lamar Odom to the defending NBA champion/same conference-residing Dallas Mavericks…because Odom’s … Continue reading

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Dear Los Angeles Lakers, Thank You. Signed, Sports Reporters Everywhere

I was determined to not type one more character about that other team in LA this NBA season because I felt the media spent way too much time talking about them and only them during the first two rounds of the Playoffs…most definitely at the expense … Continue reading

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Dallas Mavericks New Investment Opportunity – Mark Cuban, Shark Tank Listening?

“Shark Tank” is an ABC television show where business leaders listen to investment proposals and then decide if any are worthy of their time…and money.  Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks (among other things…), is one of those who chair … Continue reading

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Dallas Mavericks In NBA Playoffs In Case You Didn’t Know

Maybe because of Mark Cuban.  Maybe because of past Playoff history.  Maybe because folks hate Dallas because of the Cowboys.  I don’t know. This just in.  The Dallas Mavericks are in the NBA Playoffs.  I know this must be a … Continue reading

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