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Sportsattitudes Mailbox – Crying, Dying And Lying

Once again time to answer just a handful of the many, many questions that keep pouring into the sportsattitudes‘ mailbox…once he thinks them up. Q. Bobby Petrino was fired as Head Coach of the Arkansas football team for lying about a motorcycle accident with … Continue reading

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Sportsattitudes Mailbox – 11/10/11 Edition

Once more, we open up the fictional mail box to answer my own questions… Q. What are your thoughts about the fact many sports fans reserve March to watch college basketball…but otherwise don’t engage with it? A. I do understand the … Continue reading

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Danica Patrick And NASCAR – Only Boys Race Cars

“Only girls pull hair.” That’s what NASCAR Nationwide Series driver Steven Wallace said on national television Saturday after an opposing team’s crew chief (Jerry Baxter) reached into Wallace’s window and grabbed his unhelmeted hair…out of anger for an on-track incident that … Continue reading

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5 Sports Rumors We Need To Clarify Immediately

1. There is no truth to the rumor New York Yankees star Jorge Posada is dead.  I know you may have turned on SportsCenter this morning and wondering why he was the lead story.  He either has a stiff back or a … Continue reading

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Talladega Knights Johnson – NASCAR Provides A Classic For The Ages

No matter what your opinion of NASCAR, you need to set aside a few minutes and check out the checkered lap of today’s Talladega race…which provided one of the all-time finishes in Cup Racing history. Sure, Jimmy Johnson won again.  But whether you’re a die-hard … Continue reading

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